Top 3 Coffee Shops In Phoenix Worth Visiting

Written by Jéssica Alvarado Gámez
Photography by Sarah Donahue

Located in the heart of Arizona, Phoenix is turning into a metropolitan powerhouse by constantly enforcing innovation and the growth of a variety of new businesses.
Here are three coffee shops located in Downtown Phoenix that not only serve outstanding coffee and service but provide a visual experience worth checking out.


Photography by Sarah Donahue

Found in the corner of North 1st Street and Washington, Cartel Coffee Lab welcomes you with open arms (literally). The windows are always open during business hours creating an inviting atmosphere.

Also, having the perk of smelling freshly made coffee if you ever pass by is a bonus.

The moment you walk into Cartel, the items on the shelf are displayed in a systematic manner that it never fails to immediately capture your gaze. Upon having my sight stolen by this I noted that all the light colored items on the right complemented the darker items on the left, which lead my eyes to be fixed on the coffee brewers and the employee behind the counter who was working.

Aside from the eye-catching decor, Cartel’s staff provide outstanding service and are always happy to recommend or help choose a coffee that fits your mood or preference. From serving Americanos and hot Oolong tea to enjoying peach pop-tarts and vegan cookies, the possibilities at Cartel are endless.

Cartel Coffee Lab is located on 1 N 1st St, Phoenix, AZ 85004 and is open everyday from 6am-6pm.


Upon arriving at Futuro, which is located inside Palabra collective, you immediately transport to a minimalistic utopia. With its all-white interior the shop’s color scheme accentuates each and every individual item they serve, allowing more focus and appreciation for anything you order.

Futuro serve a wide range of unique flavors such as mazapan lattes and espressos tonicos, which are inspired by Southwest and Latin American items. The shop is also proud to work with the community by providing desserts and bread from local businesses to help complement their menu.

Futuro is located on 909 N. 1st Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85004. It is open from Tuesday to Friday 7am to 7pm and 8am to 6pm on Saturdays to Sundays.

3. Lola Coffee Bar

Lola Coffee Bar is THAT shop you go to every morning as the sun rises just to read the daily newspaper and enjoy a fresh brewed coffee. The warm hues of the building’s exterior and interior creates a “homey” atmosphere that will make you feel warm and content with every visit.

It is the perfect place to study, do homework or even hang out with friends.

Not only does Lola Coffee Bar offer a selection of interesting yet well loved beverages (try the matador or the vanilla iced coffee you will not regret it), they provide breakfast burritos, sandwiches, omelettes and even delicious oatmeal for customers to munch on.

The shop also provides baked goods for anyone with a sweet tooth to enjoy.

Around noon the shop becomes busy that I often find myself walking outside to enjoy some  fresh air. What’s great about Lola is that they provided outdoor seating with varias desert flora hugging the exterior of the shop to complement their brick walls and color arrangement.
Thus, truly making this scenery the perfect location to take a bunch of artsy photos of your food and coffee.
Lola Coffee Bar is located on 1001 N. 1st Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85004 and is open everyday from 7am to 7pm.


Thought the photography was amazing? Follow Sarah Donahue on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to view more of her work.

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